Growing in Your Call as a Catholic

Rick Akins
$19.99 / year

Defending The Faith - A Monthly Guide to the Catholic Faith

A monthly guide providing spiritual and theological support for Catholics


Course Bundle for Christian Unity

Join the Progress Toward Christian Unity

Rick Akins

Ecumenism - The Critical Need for Christian Unity

If you are interested in understanding and helping the cause of Christian unity, this core program will provide up to date insights into the movement of the Holy Spirit in today's churches.

Jim Papandrea

Advanced Ecumenism - Early Church History and Divisive Heresies

Seeking unity in today's Christian Church by looking at the divisions and healings of the past.

Mark Teasdale

Advanced Course - Ecumenism and the Methodist Church

The Methodist View of Christian Unity and Answers to Common Misunderstandings

Rick Akins

3 Key Questions: Mary

Building Christian Unity by understanding Catholic teachings regarding Mary